Argent 47 silver textile products are guaranteed to do what we say they do for the life of the product.

You will see no small print or qualifying statements, just the best technologically designed products that deliver the stated results. And, we believe in total transparency so we have multiple product testing reports listed on our web site.

The use of our Argent 47 silver yarn creates textile products with superior antimicrobial properties.  All our products eliminate odor causing bacteria, molds and fungi.

Dangerous bacteria like Staph, K-Pneumoniae, E-coli and MRSA are the most common bacteria’s associated with CAI’s (Community-Acquired Infections) and HAI’s (Healthcare-Acquired Infections) that annually afflicts nearly 2,000,000 people in the U.S. and kills almost 100,000 of them.

Silver is the most natural, safe killer of bacteria and is effective against even the new “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics. 

Many store purchased hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes do not kill the above listed bacteria’s; they kill only 99.99% of “most common or household germs.”  You need to read the application information on their labels to attain proper usage and benefits 

Products in the market are available to consumers and companies that are seeking ways to mitigate the health and financial risk destructive microbial agents cause.  Read the labels and know what you're buying. 

Preventing microbial infestation is of critical importance in both business to business and business to consumer industries. Your business should do everything possible to create a hygienic and healthy space for its customers, employees, patients and suppliers.

Set the standard for the healthiest environment in your industry and home.  Harness the natural health benefits of silver to help protect your business, your family and yourself in a cost effective, natural and environmentally friendly way.